Jack Hicks

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The YMCA is a tremendous asset to the community and is there for all to use

Jack Hicks

Jack's first experience with the YMCA was in 1963 in Kokomo when he lived at the Y for $14 a week. In 1973, he and his wife moved to Winona Lake and one of the first things they did was join the Y. For many years his experience with the Y was focused on the kids and grandkids taking swim and gymnastics lessons. Even his great-granddaughter took swim lessons at the Y last summer. He remembers Friday nights being family swim night at the Y on Smith Street, and often, they were the only family in the pool. More recently, Jack started coming to the Y for a daily work-out to stay active. First he started walking on the track, then after a month he used the weight machines and then he moved on to strength training, developing his own workouts and tracking his progress. He's been able to get to know some of the guys that lift and has realized that they're always happy to help you if you ask them. He says if he wasn't doing this he'd be sitting at home on the couch eating ice cream, and he can't stand sitting around, so he's in the Y 5 days a week. He likes the atmosphere at our Y and enjoys meeting and talking with people, even if he doesn't always know their name. He's been able to visit several YMCAs throughout Indiana and thinks our Y is rated at the top. He says, "The YMCA is a tremendous asset to the community and is there for all to use."

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The Parkview Warsaw YMCA goes above and beyond to accomplish their mission. As a husband and father of three young boys it can be difficult to find time and motivation to stay healthy, but through the child watch program I am able to workout knowing my children are being supervised.

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