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Personal Training

YMCA personal training offers a variety of options for getting in shape and feeling healthier and can take place at either of our YMCA facilities.
What you can expect:
*A thorough assessment of your present physical condition.
*A personal program that might include strength training, lap swimming, sports, walking, biking, running, stepping, jogging, aerobics, treadmill, stretching, or aquatic exercises in shallow or deep water.
* Your certified personal fitness trainer will guide, educate, and motivate you toward reaching your personal goals.

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  • Financial Assistance Available

"Financial Assistance is amazing. It makes membership affordable and Lori is one of the nicest people in the world- it's not a hard process." Carlos was uneasy at first about feeling out of place, but soon found that the people who work at the Y and even other members were happy to help him.

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