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Personal Training

YMCA personal training offers a variety of options for getting in shape and feeling healthier and can take place at either of our YMCA facilities.
What you can expect:
*A thorough assessment of your present physical condition.
*A personal program that might include strength training, lap swimming, sports, walking, biking, running, stepping, jogging, aerobics, treadmill, stretching, or aquatic exercises in shallow or deep water.
* Your certified personal fitness trainer will guide, educate, and motivate you toward reaching your personal goals.

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I urge everyone to take advantage of the numerous opportunities that are available to us in our very own back yard. Kosciusko County residents are so very fortunate to have the YMCA and its many resources. Not only am I continuing to make positive lifestyle changes, I have met so many amazing people and continue to make new friends each time I visit.

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