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Todd Carlson

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The Y has so much to offer for everyone in our family.

The Y has so much to offer for everyone in our family. We had a wonderful little girl a couple of years ago that really got all of us more involved at the Y. We started taking her for swim lessons, then gymnastics. The daycare is so great and it is nice to know that it is a very safe environment that has allowed my wife and I to exercise more. For me, it was to get into better shape and remove some excess weight so that I could keep up with our 2 year old. For my wife, it was to prepare her for her first mini-triathlon. We have faith and trust in the instructors, because they have taken the time to develop personal relationships with us. The staff is wonderful at helping you develop a plan that works with your schedule, that helps you accomplish your goals, and they do this all with a smile that makes you feel right at home. Nothing comes easy, but if you set realistic goals and put in the effort, your goals will be achieved. Thanks to the Y, we are continuing our life long pursuit of being fit and healthy. Todd Carlson