8 Weeks to Fitness

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Date Details: starts January 29

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8 Weeks to Fitness Diet and exercise are extremely important to leading a healthy lifestyle. This program is designed to combine regular physical activity (on Tuesday or Thursday one morning group exercise class and one evening group exercise class) with weekly tips for proper nutrition to help maintain a healthy weight, reduce the risk of diseases, and promote overall health. Personal trainers and group exercise instructors will teach and promote proper ways to reach weight loss and fitness goals through exercise and being mindful of your eating habits. Pre and post-testing and measurements will consist of: A1c screening, a Body Fat Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis, circumference measurements, and weight. Classes will be held four times a week at the YMCA to offer a wide variety of times for participants. Registrants will receive a calendar of times and rooms for classes.
Pre-testing will be January 29 in the morning with an appointment time set up via phone call.
Classes start January 30. Tuesdays and Thursdays, times to be determined.
Post testing will be March 26, scheduled by appointment.
Y Members only: $180 Register by January 22.

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They have gained life long friendships through Y gymnastics. With that they have also gained life long lessons- it's always better to work together, and without hard work you will not accomplish the goals you set out to achieve.

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