Financial Assistance

For those who are in need

The Kosciusko Community YMCA is pleased to provide assistance for those who are in need. Through the generous contributions of community members, your YMCA provides assistance when we can determine that a financial need exists. Financial need is based on the household income, family size and/or special circumstances. When need is demonstrated by request, a portion (up to 75 percent) of the membership and/or youth program cost is subsidized by the YMCA with the applicant paying the remainder of the cost. Assistance may be applied towards standard bank draft or annual memberships and youth programs.

To qualify for assistance, please print out and complete the application and provide the requested forms of income verification. If there is more than one income in your household, documentation should be included for each income. Your application will be processed when all applicable documentation is received by the YMCA. Once the application and all the proper documentation are received by the YMCA, it takes two to three weeks to review the materials. Upon approval, you will receive a letter outlining the terms of your assistance. Your application must be renewed every two years.

Download Financial Assistance Application

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  • youth sports leagues

"Financial Assistance is amazing. It makes membership affordable and Lori is one of the nicest people in the world- it's not a hard process." Carlos was uneasy at first about feeling out of place, but soon found that the people who work at the Y and even other members were happy to help him.

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